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mineral balance water filters system

RO + MB Technology

The Minerals Balanced Technology is retains essential Natural Minerals in Reverse Osmosis purifies water. Which are vital for our health.

uv + uf system

UV + UF System

The Ultra violet and Ultra Filtrations water purification system uses for to get bacteria free water. It is remove 99% bacteria from the raw water.

antioxidant alkaline

Antioxidant Alkaline

Helps maintain our health by supplying minerals such as Ca, K, Na, Mg and etc. Increases pH and lowers ORP (Ref. ORP = Oxygen Reduction Potential)

purest drinking water

Purest Drinking Water

My RO gives the 100% purest drinking water with an advanced purification system and convenience with time saving.

Advantages of My RO Water Purifiers

Purification of RO Followed by UV & UF, Which removes even dissolved Impurities.
The MB Technology is retains essential Natural Minerals in Purifies water. Which are vital for our health.
8 Liters of Purified water storage capacity that makes water available on demand. Even in he absence of electricity / water supply.
Price of product includes free installation as well as 1 year free service & 4 PP Filter at site on Demand.
A membrane is warranted for the period of 1 Year.
Prompt after sales service with a wide service network.
Fully automatic, auto Flushing system.
LED Indication With Power ON, Purification ON, Tank Full.
Elegant Wall-Mounted Design best Suitable for domestic applications & Kitchen Top.

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