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  • 7,999/-

Fully automatic domestic gas water heater

High Safety
Instant heating
SS burners
Pure Copper heat exchanger
Summer / Winter burner selection
20 minute gas flow cut – off time
Temperature regulation System
Automated flow switch ignition control
PRV for water high pressure protection
Electronic cut-off for no water flow
Long Life
Economical and Safe
Unique On-Off Switch
Attractive Design
Water & Gas Regulator
12 Months Warranty
Comes in a Choice of Six Convenient Models: 6Ltrs, 7Ltrs, 8Ltrs, 10Ltrs, 12Ltrs, and 16Ltrs.

All these protective device make the water heater entirely safe and convenient to use.

  • Safety Features
  • Protection Against Flame Failure
    Automatic sensor mechanism to stop gas flow in case flame gets extinguished during operation.
  • 20-Minute Safety Cut-Off Timer
    A 20-Minute built-in timer shuts off the gas in case the unit is unintentionally left on.
  • Water and Gas Stability Device
    Variations in water pressure and unstable gas pressure have no adverse impact on the functioning of the water heater.
  • Safety Mechanism Against Overheating
    When the temperature reaches 80*C, the gas supply switches off automatically to prevent overheating.